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Maggie knows the abuse she endured as a little girl isn’t all that defines her. She’s a strong student, varsity athlete, good person—but she’s careful not to let anyone close. Because letting someone in means risking the truth. And the truth didn’t work so well for her the first time. Now there’s this great guy. He likes her. He makes her think that maybe, just maybe, she could be normal. She could be happy. Just when things are getting good, the man who abused her barrels back into her life, and she discovers that another little girl is in danger. She can continue to hide her past—or confront it and risk her hard-won happiness. She can say something.

"We need more great books like “Say Something” that speak truth to our youth. This book is written with a realism that respects the darkness of abuse but focuses on the strength of hope and ultimately the power of a survivor... This is an important book for every teenager, every parent and every adult who cares about children."
Kim Shirk, LPC