"Little beauty."

That's what he called me when he stole my innocence. I was a trusting, little girl, and he ruined everything. I tried to tell someone, but my mother made me change my story. After all these years, I still carry this dark secret in my heart. Now there’s this guy in my class. A nice guy. And he likes me. He makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I could be normal. I could be happy. Just when things are getting good, the pervert barrels back into my life and I discover another little girl is in danger. Now what do I do? I can stay safe and silent…or I can do whatever it takes to make sure he never calls another girl "little beauty" again.

To the women who were brave enough, caring enough, and strong enough to share their stories with me. You know who you are. If this book changes someone’s life for the better, that’s all you. Thank you
Cathy Morrison
Cathy Morrison's young adult novel Say Something brings Maggie to life, a strong female protagonist whose voice rings true and speaks to today's times. Readers will quickly be drawn into this compelling, important story and race to the end, but the novel's powerful message will stay with them long after its last page.
Lisa McWain
High School Teacher
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